Eurocode 2 Core Classification Finalisation

A Danish Veterinary and Food Administration project for the further

Development and Documentation of Eurocode 2

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The current phase of the project builds on the original report entitled Eurocode 2 Review and modified Core Classification and the subsequent presentation and discussion of the results at the COST Action 99 Eurofoods workshop which was held in Wageningen on 25 October 1998. The workshop supported the project to develop Eurocode 2 further and reached two important conclusions which will influence the finalisation of the Core Classification:

As the initial proposal for the Core Classification conformed to the original specification of the Eurocode hierarchy and codes, considerable further modification will be required to take full advantage of these decisions. As well as meeting the requirements for recording food consumption data, the revised system should be based on clearly stated policies and supported by comprehensive documentation.

Potential users of the Eurocode Food Coding System should be closely involved with the development work. All proposals and draft documents will be available on this Website for review, feedback and discussion in which anyone with an interest in the work can participate. Please see the further details of the informal Discussion Group.

The main tasks in this work are:

  1. Obtain feedback on the draft Core Classification distributed at the Wageningen workshop
  2. Review and circulate (through this Website) the feedback
  3. Formulate and draft policies for the revised Core Classification
  4. Revise the Core Classification each food group in accord with these policies
  5. Document the Core Classification
  6. Develop a revised format for the Eurocode 2 codes and assign Core classification codes.

This page will provide links to project and Discussion Group documents and consolidated reports of comments, etc.



Ian Unwin
3 February 1999