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extracted from Codex General Standard for Cheese

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Joint FAO/WHO Food Standards Programme
Codex Alimentarius Commission
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
World Health Organization

Volume 12:   Milk and milk products

Codex General Standard for Cheese  (CODEX STAN A-6-1978)


Classification of cheese according to firmness, fat content and principal curing characteristics

 Term I Term IITerm III
If the MFFB* is %The 1st phrase in the designation shall beIf the FDB** is %The 2nd phrase in the designation shall beDesignation according to principal curing characteristics
<51Extra hard>60High fat1. Cured or ripened
49-56Hard45-60Full fat  a. mainly surface
54-63Semi-hard25-45Medium fat  b. mainly interior
61-69Semi-soft10-25Low fat2. Mould cured or ripened
>67Soft<10Skim  a. mainly surface
   b. mainly interior
3. Uncured or unripened

* MFFB equals percentage moisture on a fat-free basis, i.e. Weight of moisture in the cheese/Total weight of cheese - weight of fat in the cheese x 100

** FDB equals percentage fat on the dry basis, i.e. Fat content of the cheese/Total weight of cheese - weight of moisture in the cheese x 100



Ian Unwin
Posted:  20 January 2000