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Main Group 9: Fruits and fruit products


Classification policies

Group 9 classification


  1. Fruiting body of a plant when this is consumed as a dessert fruit
  2. A food product whose predominant constituent is fruit, including fruit sauces with a single fruit as the predominant constituent
  3. A recipe dish whose main ingredient is considered to be fruit


  1. Fruiting body of a plant when this is consumed as a vegetable, see Vegetables and vegetable products
  2. Seeds, kernels or nuts, including pulses, see Pulses, seeds, kernels, nuts and their products
  3. Oils produced from fruits, see Oils, fats and their products
  4. Chutney and pickles produced from fruit, see Chutney and pickles in the Miscellaneous foods main group


  1. A fruiting body is usually considered to be consumed as a dessert fruit when the starch content has been reduced by conversion during ripening to sugars.


  1. New codes have been assigned. The system is described in Discussion Note N003: Revised hierarchical food codes.
  2. The Core Classification version 98/1 category for Stone fruit has been split into Prunus species fruit and Other stone fruit.
  3. In version 99/2, Avocado and Olive have been moved from the Other stone fruit subgroup and added to the Fruit vegetables subgroup in the Vegetables and vegetable products main group.


  1. The number of categories in the Miscellaneous fruit subgroup has been reduced by the reassignment of some items as Vegetable fruits (in the Vegetables and vegetable products main group) or as Other stone fruits. Others might be considered Berries. However it is likely that further fruits will need to be added, mostly to the present Miscellaneous fruit subgroup. A category for Tropical fruit is sometimes used but the definition of its use is likely to be difficult. Any suggestions for improving the subdivision of the present Miscellaneous foods category (and/or its logical order) would be appreciated.
  2. It has been suggested that Malaceous fruit is an obscure name for the first subgroup. It might be called Apple-family fruits or given the taxonomic family name, but it is questionable whether either of these alternatives represents an improvement. Any further comments or suggestions would be appreciated.


Main Group 9: Fruits and fruit products

 Group 9 policy
Sub-groups9.10:    Malaceous fruit9.40:    Citrus fruit
9.20:    Prunus species fruit9.50:    Miscellaneous fruit
9.25:    Other stone fruit9.60:    Fruit mixtures
9.30:    Berries9.70:    Fruit products

Code and category
Scientific name
Synonym or similar product
9. Fruits and fruit products    
9.10 Malaceous fruit    
  9.10.10 Dessert apple Pyrus malus / Malus pumila Inc. Granny Smith, Golden Delicious, Discovery
  9.10.15 Cooking apple Pyrus malus / Malus pumila Inc. Bramley's Seedling
  9.10.20 Pear Pyrus communis Inc. Conference, Doyenne du Comice, William's Bon Chrétien
  9.10.25 Nashi pear Pyrus pyrifolia Asian pear
  9.10.30 Quince Cydonia oblongo  
  9.10.40 Medlar Mespilus germanica  
  9.10.50 Loquat Eriobotyra japonica Japanese medlar
9.20 Prunus species fruit    
  9.20.10 Apricot Prunus armeniacea  
  9.20.20 Peach Prunus persica  
  9.20.25 Nectarine Prunus persica var nectarina  
  9.20.30 Plum Prunus domestica  
  9.20.32 Damson Prunus domestica var institia Inc. Bullace, Prune damson
  9.20.34 Mirabelle Prunus domestica var syriaca Syrian plum
  9.20.36 Greengage Prunus domestica var italica  
  9.20.40 Sweet cherry Prunus avium Gean
  9.20.45 Sour cherry Prunus cerasus Acid cherry; inc. Morello cherry
  9.20.50 Chickasaw plum Prunus angustifolia  
  9.20.55 Susina Prunus salicina Japanese plum
  9.20.60 Sloe Prunus spinosa Blackthorn, Sloe plum
9.25 Other stone fruit    
  9.25.30 Date Phoenix dactylifera  
  9.25.40 Lychee Litchi chinensis Litchi, Lichi
  9.25.44 Persimmon plum Diaspyrous kaki Date plum, Kaki, Sharon fruit
  9.25.48 Barbados cherries Malpighia spp. Acerolas, West Indian cherries
9.30 Berries    
  9.30.10 White grapes Vitis vinifera  
  9.30.12 Black grapes Vitis vinifera  
  9.30.15 Strawberries Fragaria vesca  
  9.30.20 Raspberries Rubus idaeus  
  9.30.22 Loganberries Rubus loganobaccus  
  9.30.24 Blackberries Rubus fruticosus  
  9.30.26 Dewberries Rubus caesius Youngberries
  9.30.28 Cloudberries Rubus chamaemorus Averin, Knotberries
  9.30.30 Gooseberries Ribes grossularia Wine berries
  9.30.32 Black currants Ribes nigrum  
  9.30.34 Red currants Ribes rubrum  
  9.30.36 White currants Ribes sativum  
  9.30.40 Cranberries Vaccinium oxycoccus  
  9.30.42 Bilberries Vaccinium myrtillis Huckleberries, Whortleberries
  9.30.44 Cowberry Vaccinium vitis var idaea Foxberries, Mountain cranberries, Red bilberries, Red whortleberries
  9.30.46 Blueberries Vaccinium corymbosum / Vaccinium angustifolium  
  9.30.50 Elderberries Sambuca nigra  
  9.30.54 Rowanberries Sorbus aucaparia  
  9.30.58 Physalis Physalis peruviana Cape gooseberry, Chinese lantern, Golden berry
  9.30.62 Mulberries Morus spp. Inc. Black mulberry, White mulberry
  9.30.66 Bearberries Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Foxberries, Marranitas
  9.30.70 Sea buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides  
9.40 Citrus fruit    
  9.40.10 Lemon Citrus limonum  
  9.40.20 Orange Citrus sinensis Sweet orange
  9.40.25 Tangerine Citrus reticulata Mandarin orange; inc. Clementine, Satsuma
  9.40.30 Grapefruit Citrus paradisi  
  9.40.35 Pomelo Citrus grandis Pummelo, Shaddock
  9.40.40 Lime Citrus aurantifolia  
  9.40.50 Kumquat Fortunella japonica Cumquat
9.50 Miscellaneous fruit    
  9.50.10 Banana Musa (infertile hybrid) See also: Plantain
  9.50.14 Pineapple Ananas comosus Ananas, Pine
  9.50.18 Kiwi fruit Actinidia chinensis Chinese gooseberry, Monkey peach
  9.50.22 Melon Cucumis melo Inc. Ogen, Cantaloupe, Honeydew, Gallia melons
  9.50.26 Water melon Citrullus vulgaris var lanatus  
  9.50.30 Fig Ficus carica  
  9.50.32 Mango Mangifera indica  
  9.50.34 Pomegranate Punica granatum  
  9.50.36 Passionfruit Passiflora edulis Purple granadilla
  9.50.38 Cashew fruit Anacordium occidentale Christmas apple
  9.50.40 Guava Psidium guayava  
  9.50.42 Papaya Carica papaya Papaw
  9.50.44 Custard apple Anona spp. Inc. Sour sop, Sweet sop, Bullock's heart
  9.50.46 Prickly pear Opuntia ficus indica Indian fig cactus
  9.50.48 Rose hip Rosa canina Rose berry, Rose haw
  9.50.50 Sapodilla Achras sapota Naseberry, Sapodilla plum
  9.50.52 Carambola Averrhoa carambola Star apple, Star fruit
  9.50.54 Durian Durio zibethinus Durion
  9.50.56 Jack fruit Artocarpus heterophylla Jack; see also: Breadfruit
  9.50.58 Chayote Sechium edule  
  9.50.60 Rambutan Nephelium lappaceum  
  9.50.62 Tamarillo Cyphomandra betacea Tree tomato
  9.50.64 Tamarinde Tamarindus indica  
9.60 Fruit mixtures    
  9.60.10 Fruit cocktail   Contg. pear, peach, pineapple, grape, cherry
  9.60.20 Fruit salad   Contg. banana, orange, apple, pear, grape
9.70 Fruit products    
  9.70.10 Dried mixed fruit   Contg. sultana, currant, raisin, peel
  9.70.20 Mixed peel    
  9.70.30 Glacé cherry    
  9.70.40 Crystallised pineapple    
  9.70.60 Apple sauce    
  9.70.64 Cranberry sauce    



Policy updated:  8 February 2000
Classification updated:  8 February 2000
Discussion updated:  8 February 2000
Ian Unwin