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Classification policy and listing

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Main Group 3: Meat and meat products


Classification policies

Group 3 classification


  1. Carcass meat of mammals and birds (i.e. skeletal-muscle tissue).
  2. Offal of mammals and birds (i.e. any part, including internal organs, that is not carcass meat).
  3. A food product whose predominant constituent is meat.
  4. A recipe dish whose main ingredient is considered to be meat.


  1. Marine mammals, see Fish and fish products
  2. Other fauna, see Fish and fish products


  1. The top-level sub-groups are organised into three implicit groupings, for carcass meat, offal and meat products. Each of these three groupings contains some specific sub-groups for common categories that require a high level of subdivision, plus a sub-group which contains the less common categories.
  2. The specific carcass meats are subdivided at the next level by general animal part or by specific cuts.


  1. New codes have been assigned. The system is described in Discussion Note N003: Revised hierarchical food codes.
  2. For carcass meats, common species have been moved to consolidated categories at the top level.
  3. As a common species, cuts will be included for Lamb / Mutton.
  4. In version 99/2, the category Intestines has been inserted at 3.49.32 and subsequent codes have been adjusted.
  5. In version 99/2, the categories Minced meat products and Blood and offal products have been added to the Meat products subgroup.


  1. Is the present division of species given their own categories and those assigned to the general ('Others') top-level categories reasonable?
  2. It has been suggested that Rabbit/Hare are sufficiently important to have their own subgroup. Another approach to classifying mammals would be to create subgroups for Rodents and Ungulates (other than domestic cattle, sheep and pig), with individual species as the sub-subgroup level. Any comments or further alternatives?
  3. This proposal classifies Offal first by type and then by species. The alternative of species first, then type is possible but type might be considered more important, and perhaps more likely to be known (i.e. categories such as Liver, species unknown might be more useful than Beef offal, type unknown)
  4. Should Preserved meats be assigned to a separate subgroup or coded as the basic meat, with descriptors for the preservative process?
  5. Does Restructured meat and meat analogues form a logical subgroup, or should there be a separate subgroup for Meat substitutes? Would it be more logical (and useful) to have categories for, for example, Reformed chicken within the Chicken subgroup?
  6. Sausages could be removed from Meat products into their own subgroup. The subdivision of Sausages also needs consideration. Eurocode version 93/1 used 4 categories, the Core Classification 98/1 proposal uses 3, and a further option is 6 (fresh, smoked, cooked, smoked and cooked, semi-dry, dry).
  7. The extra subgroup Meat dishes has been added on a trial basis. One aspect for consideration is whether there is a useful distinction between Meat products and Meat dishes. A meat pie, for example, might be considered a product if factory produced and a dish if homemade. This placement for a pie also gives precedence to its meat aspect rather than its cereal component, a change which has implications for the placement of many dishes. One approach that has been suggested is to separate out dishes into their own main group(s), but this would make the distinction between a product and a dish even more important.


Main Group 3: Meat and meat products

 Group 3 policy
Sub-groups3.10:   Beef, carcass meat3.40:    Liver
3.15:   Veal, carcass meat3.42:    Kidney
3.20:   Pork / piglet, carcass meat3.49:    Other offal
3.25:   Mutton / lamb, carcass meat3.50:    Preserved meats
3.29:   Mammals, other3.56:    Restructured meat and meat analogues
3.30:   Chicken3.60:    Meat products
3.32:   Turkey3.65:    Meat dishes
3.39:   Birds, other

Code and category
Scientific name
Synonym or similar product
3. Meat and meat products    
3.10 Beef, carcass meat Bos taurus  
  3.10.10 Tenderloin   Fillet
  3.10.20 Striploin   
  3.10.30 Fore-rib   Cube-roll
  3.10.40 Topside   
  3.10.50 Silverside   
  3.10.60 Shoulder clod   
  3.10.70 Chuck tender   
3.15 Veal, carcass meat Bos taurus 
  3.15.x Veal, cuts   
3.20 Pork / piglet, carcass meat Sus domesticus 
  3.20.10 Loin   
  3.20.20 Tenderloin   
  3.20.30 Neck   Collar
  3.20.40 Belly   
  3.20.50 Chump   
  3.20.60 Leg   See also:  Ham
3.25 Mutton / lamb, carcass meat Ovis aries 
  3.25.x Mutton / lamb, cuts   
3.29 Mammals, other   
  3.29.10 Horse Equus caballus 
  3.29.20 Goat / kid Capra aegagrus 
  3.29.30 Rabbit Lepus cuniculus 
  3.29.35 Hare Lepus europaeus 
  3.29.40 Wild pig, boar Sus scrofa 
  3.29.50 Venison Cervus spp. 
  3.29.52 Elk Alces alces 
  3.29.54 Reindeer Rangifer tarandus 
  3.29.56 Chamois Rupicapra rupicapra 
  3.29.60 Kangaroo Macropus spp. 
3.30 Chicken Gallus domesticusCapon, Poussin
  3.30.10 Chicken breast   
  3.30.20 Chicken leg   
  3.30.30 Chicken wing   
3.32 Turkey Meleagris gallopavo 
  3.32.10 Turkey breast   
  3.32.20 Turkey leg   
  3.32.30 Turkey wing   
3.39 Birds, other   
  3.39.10 Duck Anas spp. (Anthya spp.)Domestic duck, Wild duck
  3.39.20 Goose Anser anser 
  3.39.30 Pigeon Columba spp. 
  3.39.35 Guinea fowl Numida meleagris 
  3.39.40 Pheasant Phasianus colchius 
  3.39.42 Partridge Perdix perdix 
  3.39.44 Quail Coturnix coturnix 
  3.39.46 Snipe Gallinago gallinago 
  3.39.50 Grouse Lagopus scroticusBlack grouse, White grouse
  3.39.52 Ptarmigan Lagopus mutus 
  3.39.60 Ostrich   
3.40 Liver   
  3.40.10 Beef liver   
  3.40.15 Veal liver   
  3.40.20 Pork liver   
  3.40.25 Mutton / lamb liver   
  3.40.30 Chicken liver   
  3.40.32 Turkey liver   
  3.40.34 Duck liver Anas platyrhynchos 
  3.40.36 Goose liver Anser anser 
3.42 Kidney   
  3.42.10 Beef kidney   
  3.42.15 Veal kidney   
  3.42.20 Pork kidney   
  3.42.25 Mutton / lamb kidney   
3.49 Other offal Source carcass (food level)
  3.49.10 Tongue beef, veal, mutton / lamb 
  3.49.20 Heart beef, veal, pork, mutton / lamb 
  3.49.23 Brain veal, lamb 
  3.49.26 Lungs beefLights
  3.49.30 Stomach beefTripe
  3.49.32 Intestines beef, porkChitterlings
  3.49.34 Pancreas veal, lambStomach sweetbreads
  3.49.36 Spleen beef, porkMilt
  3.49.40 Thymus veal, lambThroat sweetbreads
  3.49.50 Marrowbone beef 
  3.49.60 Tail beef, pork, lambOxtail
  3.49.62 Totters and feet calf, porkPigs' trotters, Calves' feet
  3.49.70 Giblets chicken, turkey, duck, goose 
3.50 Preserved meats   
  3.50.10 Ham  Parma ham, sugar-glazed ham, gammon
  3.50.20 Bacon  Smoked or unsmoked. Back bacon, streaky bacon
  3.50.30 Preserved beef  Corned beef, pastrami, bresaola
  3.50.40 Tongue (preserved)   
  3.50.50 Preserved poultry  Smoked turkey, Spinkganz
3.56 Restructured meat and meat analogues  Reformed chicken, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVF)
3.60 Meat products   
  3.60.10 Pastes, pâtés and terrines   Beef paste, Liverwurst, Pâté de foie gras, Duck terrine
  3.60.20 Minced meat products   Minced beef, Sausage meat
  3.60.30 Dry, smoked sausages (Rohwurst)   Salami-type sausages, Blockwurst, Peperoni, Saucisson fumé, Teewurst
  3.60.34 Fresh and lightly cooked sausages (Bratwurst)   Cumberland sausage, Chipolatos, Frankfurters, Blutwurst
  3.60.38 Cooked sausages (Kochwurst)   Jagdwurst, Schinkensulzwurst
  3.60.50 Other meat products   Including meat products preserved as pieces rather than as the original cut, e.g. galantine, brawn, souse, meat loaves
  3.60.60 Blood and offal products   Haggis, Black pudding
3.65 Meat dishes   
  3.65.10 Meat burger    
  3.65.20 Meat balls    
  3.65.30 Meat pasty    
  3.65.40 Meat pie    



Policy updated:  8 February 2000
Classification updated:  29 March 2000
Discussion updated:  8 February 2000
Ian Unwin