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The Core Classification, version 98/1

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1.Milk and milk products 8.Vegetables and vegetable products
2.Egg and egg products 9.Fruit and fruit products
3.Meat and meat products 10.Sugar, chocolate and related products
4.Fish and fish products 11.Beverages (non-milk)
5.Fats and oils 12.Miscellaneous foods
6.Grains and grain products 13.Products for special nutritional use
7.Pulses, seeds, kernals, nuts and products


This listing shows the hierarchical structure of the modified core classification for Eurocode 2, as presented to the Wageningen workshop held in October 1998. Mostly the core classification listing consists of categories down to the second level sub-groups, although a few third-level categories are included to illustrate suggested reorganisations.

Generally the revised codes are compatible with the existing system. A further proposal made at the workshop was that the hierarchy should be managed separately from the codes which would allow existing codes to be retained even if they have been moved to a different level in the hierarchy. Thus the listing places some 3-field codes at the second level in the hierarchy. The listing is in code order so that it can be compared to the existing system, but an operational version would be listed logically.

The Eurocode 2 Review Project is further modifying this version of the Core Classification after the agreement at the workshop that the number of hierarchical levels can be increased and existing codes can be changed. We would very much appreciate your comments on this proposed classification so that they can be taken into account during this further revision of the Eurocode 2 Food Coding System and look forward to your feedback by e-mail to Ian Unwin or through the feedback form.


Milk and milk products Scope notes and example items
1.1 Milk Liquid milks, including fortified, UHT and sterilised products, and reconstituted dried milk, subdivided on fat content. Also items for buttermilk, soured milks and condensed milks
1.2 Cream Subdivided on fat content
1.3 Kefir A fermented milk drink containing alcohol and carbonated
1.4 Yogurt A product of lactic cultures acting on milk. Subdivided by fat content
1.5 Whey Residue from milk after removal of casein and most of the fat as the curd
1.6 Other fermented milk products Excluding kefir, fermented (i.e. alcohol-containing) milk products. Subdivided by fat content
1.7 Cheese Subdivided by type (hard, soft, fresh) and, for each type, by fat content
1.8 Cheese substitutes Imitiation cheese products in which part or all the milk fat is replaced by plant oils or other fat substitutes
1.9 Ice cream Dairy and non-dairy ice cream and other frozen confections, e.g. water ices and sorbets
Egg and egg products
2.1 Chicken eggs Subdivided into whole, white and yolk
2.5 Turkey eggs  
2.2 Duck eggs  
2.6 Goose eggs  
2.3 Quail eggs  
2.7 Other bird eggs e.g. of pheasant, gull, plover
2.8 Other eggs e.g. turtle eggs
Meat and meat products
3.1 Beef, carcase meat Cuts such as topside, brisket, possibly documented with pictures
3.17 Beef offal Of calf, cow and oxen: liver, tongue, tripe, other offal
3.2 Veal, carcase meat Leg of veal, veal (loin) chops
3.18 Veal offal Liver
3.3 Pork, carcase meat Tenderloin, chump, hock
3.19 Pork offal Liver
3.4 Lamb, carcase meat Includes lamb and mutton: leg, shoulder, best end of neck
3.20 Lamb offal Lamb's liver
3.10 Other mammals Horse, goat, rabbit, hare, boar, deer, kangaroo. Excludes marine mammals
3.13 Chicken Breast, leg, wing
3.14 Turkey Breast, leg, wing
3.15 Duck Flesh
3.16 Goose Flesh
3.21 Poultry offal Chicken liver, duck liver, goose liver
3.9 Other birds Pigeon, guinea fowl, pheasant, quail, ostrich
3.22 Preserved meats, ham and bacon  
3.22.1 Ham Parma ham, sugar-glazed ham
3.22.2 Bacon Smoked or unsmoked. Back bacon, streaky bacon
3.22.3 Preserved beef Corned beef, pastrami, bresaola
3.22.4 Tongue (preserved)  
3.22.5 Preserved poultry Smoked turkey, Spinkganz
3.11.5 Restructured meat and meat analogues Reformed chicken, Textured Vegetable Protein (TVF)
x.x Meat products  
3.11.3 Dry, smoked sausages (Rohwurst) Salami-type sausages, Blockwurst, peperoni, saucisson fumè, Teewurst
3.11.4 Fresh and lightly cooked sausages (Bratwurst) Sausage meat, Cumberland sausage, chipolatos, haggis, Frankfurters, black pudding, Blutwurst
3.11.7 Cooked sausages (Kochwurst) Jagdwurst, Schinkensulzwurst
3.11.8 Pastes, pâtès and terrines Beef paste, Liverwurst, pâtè de foie gras, duck terrine
3.11.9 Other meat products Including meat products preserved as pieces rather than as the original cut, e.g. galantine, brawn, souse, meat loaves
Fish and fish products
4.2 Clupeiformes Includes Clupeoidei (Herrings), Salmonoidei (Salmon and trout) and Esocoidei (Pikes)
4.3 Perciformes Includes Percoidei (Perches) and Scombroidei (Mackerels)
4.4 Gadiformes Cods including Burbot
4.5 Pleuronectiformes Flat fish
4.7 Cypriniformes Includes Cyprinoidei (Carps) and Siluroidei (Catfishes)
4.1 Other fish and marine mammals Includes: Scad as Trachurus spp.; Tuna, etc. as Thunnus spp.; mullets as Mugilidae spp.
4.9 Crustaceans  
4.10 Molluscs Including land molluscs (Snail)
4.16 Miscellaneous marine and aquatic foods Seaweeds, echinoderms
4.11 Insects  
4.12 Reptiles  
4.13 Frogs  
x.x Preserved fish  
4.17.1 Smoked fish Kippers, smoked salmon, bloater
4.17.2 Canned fish Canned sardine, canned tuna
4.17.3 Salted and pickled fish Matjes herring, rollmop herring
4.17.4 Restructured fish and fish analogues Reformed scampi, crabsticks
4.14 Fish products Caviar, herring roe, fish pastes, fish cake
Fats and oils
5.1 Butter Butter oil, butter ghee
5X.2 Margarine Margarine, >25% saturates
Margarine, <25% saturates
5X.7 Fat spread Fat spread, >65% fat, >25% saturates
Fat spread, >65% fat, <25% saturates
Fat spread, 45-65% fat, >25% saturates
Fat spread, 45-65% fat, <25% saturates
Fat spread, 30-45% fat
Fat spread, <30% fat
5.3 Animal fats  
5.4 Marine oils  

Vegetable fats and oils

Palm oil, coconut oil, blended vegetable oils
5X.5.23 Compound fats and oils Mixtures incorporating animal, vegetable and/or artificial sourced materials
Grains and grain products
6.1 Wheat flours  
6X.1 Wheat breads  
6.3 Rye products Rye flour; rye bread, dark; rye crispbread
6.4 Barley products Barley flour, barley breads, barley products
6.5 Oat products Oatcakes
6.6 Maize products  
6.7 Rice products and dishes Rice flour, brown rice, Basmati rice
6.8 Millet products  
6.9 Buckwheat products  
6.10 Unripe spelt products  
6X.12 Mixed grain products  
6.11 Breakfast cereals Cereals, oats based
6.14 Pasta and noodles  
6.15 Pastry and pies Choux pastry, meat pies, mixed pies (major fillings from >1 main group)
6.16 Savoury products and dishes Savoury biscuits, savoury pancakes, pizza
6.17 Sweet products and dishes Fruit cake, gâteau, Danish pastries, trifle
Pulses, seeds, kernals, nuts and products
7.1 Pulses Soybean, dried peas, lentils, beans
7.2 Seeds and kernals Linseed, beechnut seed, pine kernel (syn. pine nut)
7.4 Nuts Peanut, hazelnut
7.6 Pulse products Black fermented Chinese bean, soya milk, tofu, soya noodles, tempeh
7.7 Nut and seed products Coconut milk, marzipan, nuts and raisins
Vegetables and vegetable products
8.2 Brassicas Used for Brassica species grown for their heads (white cabbage), leaves (spring greens, kale), flowering heads (broccoli) or sprouts. Other species are classified as root vegetables
8.1 Leaf vegetables Lettuces, mustard and cress
8.9 Stalk vegetables Celery, Florence fennel, rhubarb
8.10 Shoot vegetables Asparagas, chicory, palm hearts
8.3 Bulb vegetables Leek, onion, spring onion
8.4 Tubers Potato, sweet potato, cassava
8.11 Root vegetables Carrot, turnip, beetroot, radish
8.5 Fruiting vegetables Cucumber, gherkin, marrow, courgette
8.6 Edible fungi Cultivated mushroom, shiitake mushroom, straw mushroom, truffle
8X.8 Vegetable mixtures Mixed salad, mixed vegetables
Fruit and fruit products
9.2 Malaceous fruit Apple, pear, quince
9.3 Stone fruit Apricot, cherry, olive, plum
9.4 Berries Grapes, raspberries, currants
9.5 Citrus fruit Grapefruit, lemon, orange
9.1 Miscellaneous fruit Banana, date, kiwi fruit, melon
9X.7 Fruit mixtures Fruit salad, fruit cocktail, mixed fruit
Sugar, chocolate and related products
10.1 Sugar  
10.2 Sugar substitutes Nutritive substitutes (e.g. sorbitol)
Non-nutritive substitutes (e.g. saccharine)
10.3 Honey Honey, honeycomb
10.4 Syrups Corn syrup, maple syrup, black treacle, molasses
10X.6 Fruit jams, jellies and marmalades Plum jam, blackcurrant jelly, mincemeat, NOT redcurrant jelly
10X.5 Jelly Dessert (sweet) jellies with gelatine base and flavoured with fruit juice, wine or liqueur
10X.7 Non-chocolate dessert topping Tip Top, Dream Topping, fruit syrups
10X.8 Chocolate and chocolate products Chocolate spread, cooking chocolate, fruit and nut chocolate, chocolate covered caramels, truffles, Creme eggs
10X.9 Confectionery bars Chocolate covered bars, chocolate covered ice cream bars, other confectionery bars
10X.20 Non-chocolate confectionery Toffee, boiled sweets, fudge, nougat, sherbet sweets, confectionery (paste) jellies, Turkish delight
10X.21 Sugar products Icing, marzipan, candied fruit and nuts
Beverages (non-milk)
11.1 Beer Alcoholic beverage prepared from malted cereals. Also includes barley beer/wine
11.21 Other alcoholic long drinks Cider, perry, alcoholic ginger beer
11.2 Wine Subdivided by alcohol content
11.3 Dessert wine Wines from grapes with high sugar content
11.4 Liqueur/fortified wine Port, sherry, madeira, marsala
11.5 Cocktails Bloody Mary, Screwdriver
11.6 Liqueurs Advocaat, cherry brandy, Cointeau, cream liqueur
11.7 Spirits and brandy Gin, whiskey, vodka
11.9 Non-dilution drinks Non-cola carbonated drinks, colas, mixers, non-carbonated lemonades
11.8 Dilution drinks Squash, cordial
11.13 Infusion drinks Tea, coffee, cocoa, herb teas
11.11 Water Tap water, still and carbonated spring water, mineralised water
11.16 Vegetable juice Carrot juice, tomato juice, mixed vegetable juice
11.17 Fruit juice Apple juice, cranberry juice, orange juice
11.18 Vegetable nectar Diluted vegetable juice
11.19 Fruit nectar Diluted fruit juice
11.22 Other juices Coconut milk, clam juice
Miscellaneous foods
12X.1 Non dairy coffee creamer  
12.6 Baking goods and other ingredients Yeast, baking powder, cornflower, arrowroot, custard powder, gelatine
12X.2 Spices and herbs Cloves, coriander seeds, curry powder, paprika, sage, thyme
12.16 Condiments, seasoning and extracts Salt, mustard, vinegar, tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, beef stock cubes, yeast extract
12X.3 Salad dressing Vinegar and oil based cold sauce. Subdivided on fat or oil content
12X.11 Mayonnaise Egg and oil based cold sauce. Subdivided on fat or oil content
12X.9 Soups Subdivided on base constituent, e.g. Soup, vegetable base
12X.10 Sauces Subdivided on base constituent, e.g. Sauces, vegetable base. Note, Redcurrant jelly is Sauces, fruit base
12X.17 Prepared salads Subdivided on base constituent, e.g. Prepared salads, cooked vegetable base
12X.15 Savoury snacks Subdivided on base constituent, e.g. Savoury snacks, potato base
Products for special nutritional use
13.1 Enteral foods  
13.2 Fat-modified foods  
13.3 Protein-enriched foods  
13.4 High-carbohydrate products  
13.5 High-energy products  
13.6 Low-energy products  
13.7 Carbohydrate, protein or fat-rich products  
13.8 Vitamin / mineral products / tonics  
13.9 Baby foods  



Ian Unwin
Updated:  15 March 1999