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Main Food Groups: classification, categories and policies
  version 00/1

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 List of Main Groups 


Each main food group of Eurocode 2 is documented on the pages available through the links below. The documentation is divided into separate pages for, firstly, the general policies and listing of the classification and, secondly, the documentation of individual categories.
During the Eurocode 2 Review Project, the Classification page will include discussion points relating to the structure of the Main Group and the policies. Similarly, the Categories page will include questions and discussion relating to individual categories and indeed the final documentation will largely be based on points raised during the review.
The list of Main Groups provides links to the Classification and Categories pages which are available for review and comment. Links to documentation for earlier versions of the Eurocode 2 classification are also available.
Classification page
The Classification page starts with policy statements for the Main Group, including the types of food item that are covered and those that are excluded, general points of policy and revisions from earlier versions of Eurocode. During the Review Project, this section will also include a list of discussion points and the feedback received for them.
The second part of the Classification page is a listing of the classification, formatted in a similar way to the original version 93/1 documentation. The scientific names of the food, similar products or examples of the food have been included where possible, and (for the present, at least) the listings of specific cheeses and sausages have been retained. Links are provided where more detailed documentation is available on the Categories page.
Categories page
The Categories page provides specific documentation for individual categories (at each level within the Main Group). Initially it is being organised in the same order as the classification listing so that related group together for convenient review. In the final documentation it could be ordered alphabetically, although this might best be an accumulated dictionary covering all the Main Groups.
During the Review Project, this section will also include questions and discussion relating to individual categories. Thus it will be very helpful if any points of doubt are raised so that appropriate guidelines can be included in the documentation.


Core Classification, version 00/1

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Ian Unwin
Updated:  16 May 2000