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Possible renaming of the Eurocode 2 food coding system

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Contents  •  IntroductionComments by:29 Oct 99
  •  Further uses of the term 'Eurocode'
  •  Is renaming necessary?
  •  What is Eurocode 2?
  •  Options for renaming
  •  Request for comments and suggestions
  •  Comments and suggestions received


We noted that the term Eurocode 2 is the recognised name for an engineering standard relating to the design of concrete structures. It is one of a series of structural engineering Eurocodes in the sequence Eurocode 0 to Eurocode 9. Some further examples of the use of the term 'Eurocode' are noted in the next section. In the light of this we need to:

Further uses of the term 'Eurocode'

A quick search has located these further examples of Eurocode:

Is renaming necessary?

The fields of food consumption studies and structural engineering are quite distinct. It might be considered that this is sufficiently the case that the two uses will not be confused and that the two names can coexist (as might be the case for identical trade names being used for different items of merchandise). On the other hand, as the further examples show, the name may be used in a range of contexts and thus it may be preferable to seek a unique name, perhaps one which explicitly includes 'Food'.

What is Eurocode 2?

Poortvliet, E.J., Klensin, J.C. & Kohlmeier, L. (1991).
Rationale Document for the Eurocode Food Coding System.
Institute for Social Medicine and Epidemiology, Berlin.
The Rationale document for the Eurocode 2 Food Coding System produced in 1991 stated that "The Eurocode system is a total coding system with three components, incorporating a system for referencing files with details of the foods in dishes. The principal basis of the system is the hierarchical coding system, Eurocode 2, and the other components have been designed to work integrally with it, in selected applications." (page 4). The remaining two components of the system described were Eurocode 1, a system for identifying specific food products, and the Descriptor system, designed to record supplemental information needed primarily for coding the state of foods as consumed.

Thus the Eurocode 2 classification is one component of an overall coding system. It is likely that a modified system based on the Eurocode Review project's Core Classification will include some use of the Descriptor system for the basic identification of some food categories. It may also work within a framework that can incorporate extensive lists of synonyms or narrower terms linked to classification categories. These lists might consist of national dictionaries (or similar alternatives) that would in effect be an implementation of Eurocode 1. Thus it is desirable that an overall name should be chosen for the food coding system rather than the Eurocode 2 component of it.

Options for renaming

Suggestions for renaming Eurocode may fall into one of three types:
  1. Modifications of the existing name
  2. New names incorporating "Euro"
  3. Entirely new names.
In choosing between the latter two alternatives, it should be decided if the objectives of the system are purely European or whether it might be suitable for wider use. Either alternative might suggest that a relaunch of the system is being made with a break from the existing history of Eurocode. This would not be the case with a modified form of the existing name which would also be more recognisable.

One possibility would be to give the system a formal name of the "Eurocode-Food" Coding System. Where necessary the system would be referred to as Eurocode-Food, but within the food-related disciplines it might be acceptable and normal to refer to it as Eurocode.

Alternative suggestions:

Request for comments and suggestions

Please submit your comments and suggestions on the possible renaming of the Eurocode 2 Food Coding System using the project feedback form by the closing date of 29 October 1999.

Comments and suggestions received

Elin Løken; 4 March 1999

Three reasons for renaming the system are:

Thus I propose the new name to be EuroFood Grouping System (EuroFoodGroup or just EFG for short?).



Ian Unwin
Updated:  7 October 1999