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for developing and agreeing revisions to the Eurocode 2 Food Coding System

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The Eurocode 2 Discussion Group is an informal and open Internet forum for formulating, discussing and agreeing enhancements and revisions to the Eurocode 2 Food Coding System.

The Group has been established as part of the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration's project for the review and modification of the existing Eurocode 2 classification. Discussion of the first stage work, the Core Classification proposal, at the COST Action 99 workshop in Wageningen, October 1998 showed that there was considerable interest in developing the Eurocode 2 system further. The Discussion Group will give everyone the opportunity to contribute to this effort.

Participating in the Discussion Group will provide the opportunity:

  1. to review draft version of Eurocode 2 proposals and documentation
  2. to submit comments, suggestions and proposals, optionally using the Website's feedback facilities
  3. for registered members of the Discussion Group to receive e-mail notification of updated proposals and requests for comments.

Substantial comments and proposals will be posted as received, with the authors agreement. All comments will be consolidated into an updated commentary on the draft documents. For more information or suggests on how the Discussion Group will operate, please contact Ian Unwin.


Ian Unwin
Updated:  10 March 1999