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Consolidated comments received from the Discussion Group

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Welcome to the Eurocode 2 Review Project's page which brings together the comments received from the Eurocode Discussion Group. Input from those with an interest in developing the Eurocode 2 Food Coding System into an effective and operational methodology for recording and handling food consumption is much appreciated and we see it as the key to a successful project. The feedback form provides you with a convenient means for submitting your comments.

Core Classification proposal, Norway

A detailed proposal for a revised coding system (with the suggestion that it should be called a grouping system) has been submitted by Elin Løken and Aase Borgejordet from Norway. It allows 4 hierarchical levels and defines categories for the top 3 levels, with the lowest level available for specific food items. Category definitions can include descriptors where this helps to specify the subgroup. The proposal provides a practical basis for increasing the hierarchical depth of the Eurocode classification.

Eurocode version 99/1 proposals

The first draft proposals for version 99/1 of the Eurocode 2 food coding system are now complete. These can be accessed through:
[Bullet] Version 99/1 main revisions and outstanding questions
[Bullet] Core Classification 99/1, latest proposals

We look forward to your comments on these proposals sent by e-mail to Ian Unwin or through the feedback form. These will be posted on this Website.



Ian Unwin
Updated:  9 September 1999